Best Fat Burning Pills for Obliterating That Belly

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It’s often overlooked, but there are two ways of putting on weight :

a) The Good Way – training your muscles so that they grow relative to the rest of your body. Muscle is a dense, sinewy tissue which means you can actually put on weight even though you may be getting stronger and fitter.

b) The Bad Way – by eating non-nutritious, high calorific food. This will then be converted into subcutaneous and visceral fat and stored in areas of your body you’d rather it wasn’t. Not only can this lead to serious health problems, it may not give you the visual look that you are striving for.

Increased adiposity (the technical term for body fat) also often goes hand-in-hand with other issues like stress, anxiety, and depression.

One weapon in the armoury against increased body fat is the latest generation of thermogenic fat burner pills on the UK and US market. We have always been skeptical of the claims by manufacturers of these medications, but there is increasing evidence that they can increase metabolic rate and thus burn additional calories to those your body may have naturally burned otherwise for the same amount of activity.

Thermogenic literally translates as ‘heat generating’, and so you can imagine that if the pills are causing your body to generate more heat, more fuel (calories) must be being burnt. Fatty adipose tissue is particularly good at generating heat, and so this is why the best fat burners can be effective.

However there are still understandable concerns about the long-term effects of thermogenic fat burning pills on your body and their overall safety. The best fat burners will certainly increase your RMR (resting metabolic rate) which is what you want, but may cause slightly elevated blood pressure in some individuals. While this is absolutely not a concern if you’re relatively young and healthy, it is our opinion that the pills should not be taken if you are clinically obese or suffer from hypertension (high blood pressure).

Picking the best fat burning pills is not straightforward due to so many varieties being available on both the high street and other murkier markets. We’ve studied the main leading brands of thermogenics on the UK market today and shortlist the options that our clients have seen results from.

Best Fat Burning Pills – Our Recommendations

1. PhenQ – Best Overall

PhenQ fat burning pills

PhenQ is at the top of our list of fat burner solutions. It is able to burn fat fast with excellent results and has been scientifically tested in several studies (including our recent mini-trial) with highly successful outcomes.

PhenQ has been shown to boost the metabolism due to its thermogenic properties. This means it can increase your body’s energy consumption by burning fats and suppressing bloat. Increased body metabolism in this way aids the entire process of weight loss.

phen q fat lossPhenQ contains Alpha Lipoic Acid, which is the chief metabolism raising compound and also reduces fatigue.

In scientific studies, PhenQ was shown to help reduce body fat by more than half – see the graph opposite.

PhenQ also contains L-Cysteine, which improves your mood and, in turn, boosts self-confidence. Moreover, it has anti-aging properties as well due to antioxidants.

Cutting down on your appetite is integral to your weight loss goals. PhenQ is reported to help in suppressing your appetite, although we were unable to replicate this property in our trial. In principle it may help you to cut down on the amount you are eating, but we cannot vouch for this. Appetite suppression in this way could be crucial for cutting down your calorie consumption.

PhenQ helps in the slimming process by both burning fats and preventing fat production in the first place. 

Mood Enhancement with PhenQ

Our physiology impacts our state of mind. As a result, it affects our mood when we cut down on food intake. We may feel down, irritable, and low on energy. PhenQ helps you to feel better. Thanks to its unique ingredients, it helps you manage your emotions and temper. PhenQ helps improve mood by increasing energy levels. The energy-boosting components in PhenQ will aid your physiology. It will help balance the irregular energy dips caused by cutting down on food intake. Moreover, it minimises mood swings caused by a change in your diet. 

PhenQ resultsPhenQ also contains other ingredients like Capsimax Powder and Chromium Picolinate. Moreover, it also has Caffeine, Opuntia Vulgaris, and L-Carnitine Fumarate. These natural ingredients help you burn fats and achieve weight loss. 

Incredibly PhenQ is 100% natural and organic and has helped more than 190,000 customers worldwide. If you wish to improve your health and lose weight with a safe supplement then we believe this is a good place to start. PhenQ is high on our list given the brand’s reputation and achievements over the years.

We recommend checking out our independent trial and full review of PhenQ.



2. Forskolin 250 – Best Herbal Option

Sounding uncomfortably close to an intimate part of the male anatomy, Forskolin 250 is derived from the root of the Coleus Forskohlii plant. It is natural and safe to consume.

In medieval times, Forksolin was nibbled as a natural remedy for many health problems, but it was the discovery of its excellent fat burning effects in the 20th century which propelled it into the public eye.

We recommend Forskolin for both aspects. Not only will it help burn fat but it can reduce high blood pressure and decrease the symptoms of asthma. 

Get more cAMP!

So how does Forskolin aid with fat burning – well, it’s all to do with the increase in cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) which it initiates in your body. Raised intracellular levels of cAMP have been shown to stimulate fat burn. Forskolin can also increase testosterone levels in men which is useful for lean muscle growth and further energy burn in conjunction with resistance training. You might not want to be more cAMP, but it helps with fat burning!

BDAWeightWise Forskolin 250 Trial

Forskolin 250 reviewWe recently conducted a small Forskolin 250 fat burn trial with five participants – two taking 500g of Forskolin 250 per day for one month, and three on placebo. You can read the full results in our detailed Forskolin 250 review, but the results clearly showed a beneficial reduction in body fat for the Forskolin 250 group. Total weight did not reduce however, which is in line with published scientific trials. 

Forskolin 250 ultimately burns fat in men by increasing both testosterone and growth hormone and subsequently can increase your muscle size and lean body mass. There is no evidence that Forskolin 250 can work purely for weight loss like traditional slimming pills – however as a fat burner with a bonus effect of improving your level of lean muscle we can wholeheartedly recommend it.



3. Phen24- Best Two-Time Combo Fat Burner Solution

Phen24 comes as a two-bottle-combo body fat remedy. The two bottles contain two different capsules. You need to take one during the day while the other is a nighttime capsule. It would be best to take the daytime capsule upon waking in the morning. Take the nighttime dose in the evening before going off to bed.

The two-time capsule routine will be beneficial for your slimming goals. The two capsules are engineered to suit your daily routine. For instance, you experience enhanced stamina with the daytime capsule. It will boost your body’s metabolism during the day hours, making you more productive. Furthermore, the night capsules are designed to help you sleep better. At the same time, it also cuts down your body fat even when you are sleeping.

phen24 fat burnerPhen24’s design and functioning are based on understanding your body’s stress levels. Also, it adjusts your body’s metabolism patterns. For instance, the nighttime Phen24 has a formula that lowers your cortisol levels. A reduction in cortisol levels helps in inducing a feeling of calmness. Thus, it aids your sleep cycle.

Phen24 helps you to achieve a combination of a fit lifestyle with that of a healthy one. All the ingredients in Phen24 are naturally sourced. The ingredients are GMO-free. The product is scientifically approved. It also comes from a reputed company. Wolfson Berg Limited is the manufacturer of Phen24 products. It has earned quite a reputation in the fitness industry. Moreover, the company uses modern practices and safe technologies in manufacturing the product.

Cravings at the wrong hours of the day are one of the major barriers to your weight loss goals. Phen24 helps you cut down your calorie intake by lowering these nighttime cravings. Phen24 is easy to use, two pills per day, and Phen24 can do wonders to your body shape. 



4. Garcinia Cambogia Extra

Garcinia Cambogia Extra 3

Garcinia Cambogia Extra is derived from the rind of a pumpkin-shaped fruit called Garcinia Cambogia which is found in South Asia and Southeast Asia. It is also known as tamarind or Malabar tamarind.

For many year people have used the skin of the Garcinia Cambogia to preserve foods and add flavors to dishes. Today, it has earned a big name in the diet industry due to its ability to help induce weight loss. Many users have reported outstanding results, but there have also been reports of impact on the liver when taken in huge quantities – we would urge you to be careful if considering taking Garcinia, and follow the recommended daily amounts to the letter.

Garcinia Cambogia Extra 2Garcinia Cambogia helps with weight loss by blocking an enzyme that your body uses to transform sugar into fat. The enzyme is known as citrate lyase. It engages in a dual process to fight body fats. First, it suppresses your appetite. Second, it helps prevent your body from accumulating extra fats. Also, the supplement helps in improving your mood. Thus, the supplement works as an appetite controller, fat-trimmer, and mood enhancer. This powerful combination helps with a holistic approach to weight loss.

Garcinia Cambogia increases your brain’s serotonin levels. This increase in serotonin levels helps in suppressing hunger. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter. Also, it is known as the happy hormone. It affects your mood, appetite, and behavior. Raised serotonin levels in your body can improve your mood. Additionally, it can also help suppress your hunger.

Garcinia Cambogia ExtraThe Garcinia Cambogia Extra supplement contains raspberry ketone. Raspberry Ketones can help your body to trim fat. Additionally, they are related to the secretion of the adiponectin hormone. The adiponectin hormone helps regulate your body’s metabolic processes. It also determines the percentage of fats stored in the body. Higher levels of adiponectin can result in lower fat levels.

With the trend of weight loss supplements in the diet industry, the discovery of Garcinia Cambogia happened at a perfect time. You can choose this product to fight against increasing body weight issues.



What to Look for in a Fat Burner

Now, you have an idea about some of the best fat burners in the UK in 2021. We have provided you with a list of some of the famous and reputed fat burners that you can choose from. You are also now aware of their different key properties. While these pills help reduce your calorie intake, they also boost your energy levels.

Now you need to know how to choose the best product for yourself. There are certain factors that you must bear in mind. It would be best if you looked at them to make the correct choice. Some of the significant factors are as follows:

  • Key Ingredient Used

The benefits of a product depend on the ingredients that go into the making of the product.  Specific weight loss pills contain unique key ingredient compounds. For instance, α-Lacys Reset for PhenQ and Garcinia Cambogia for Garcinia Cambogia Extra. Some weight loss pills share a common ingredient, like caffeine and green tea extract. Apart from these, you can also check if the product is vegan-friendly or 100% organic. You should check out the ingredients depending upon what you are looking for in a product.

  • Manufacturing Process

A safe manufacturing process is another critical factor you must look for. Does the product have a certification from a trusted agency? It should also meet the recognised manufacturing standards. The standard of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is one such reputable manufacturing standard. Certification by GMP is a symbol of legitimacy on the product’s safety.

  • Consumer Satisfaction

It is always important to consider the average consumer satisfaction with the product. Always check for customer reviews. You have to search for first-hand experiences of earlier users. Those are excellent sources of information. Customer reviews will give you an idea of the performances of the various fat burners. Legit testimonials are a great way to gather evidence of weight loss, so you will know which pill to pick.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

Most fat burners in the UK in 2021 come with a money-back guarantee. However, the duration of the guarantee period differs from company to company. Some companies offer money-back guarantees up to 30 days, while others provide up to 60 days. Also, the terms and conditions will differ from company to company. Choose the product that you think offers the best money-back guarantees to suit your need.

  • Shipping

The company should provide fast and smooth shipping services for its customers. Some companies charge you a shipping fee.  On the other hand, others will provide free shipping across the globe. Also, there should be a hassle-free returns process. If you find yourself unhappy with the product, returning it should not be an issue with the company. The money return policy should be hassle-free as well.

  • Customer Support

Ensure that the company has listed its contact information on its official site. Furthermore, ensure that the customer support team is prompt and reachable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to work out when on fat burner pills?

Companies do not generally mention or emphasize the need for physical exercise. Also, we advise you not to skip your workout routine when you are on a course of such pills. You must complement the fat burner supplements with adequate physical exercise. Do not depend on them solely to lose weight. Fat burners do aid in weight loss and curbing your hunger; but, you should still practice exercise and a proper diet.

2. Are fat burner supplements vegan friendly?

Most of these supplements are vegan or vegetarian friendly, but some are not. For instance, some fat burners may contain gelatin. It aids in the weight loss process; but, it is extracted from the collagen of animal body parts. If you are conscious of such ingredients, pick the all-natural vegan-friendly ones.

3. Are fat burner supplements 100% natural?

Most of the supplements on the list are 100% natural and organic. Their key ingredients are derived from plant extracts and the like. Look out for some products that may add artificial additives to their ingredients.

4. Are there different products available for males and females?

Some fat burners are unisex in their design. Some are designed to suit the physiology of a particular sex. We have mentioned that some products help balance hormones while others can increase testosterone levels.

5. When will I see noticeable changes in the physique?

The results differ from individual to individual. The speed of the results will also depend on other factors, such as the kind of diet you are indulging in. It would be best to continue your workout routine even when using fat burners. These fat burners are supplements that will only increase the speed of the process. Thus, a healthy diet and regular exercise are as important. Also, if you are dedicated to your efforts, you should see noticeable results within a few weeks.

6. Do we need a prescription to buy fat burners in the UK?

In the case of herbal and all-natural products, you generally do not need to have a prescription. Most weight loss pills are organic and all-natural in their traits. Hence, you do not need a doctor’s prescription to buy them.

7. Are fat burner supplements safe?

Fat burner supplements are generally safe to use. You need to ensure the product and the manufacturing are certified by a reputable agency. Additionally, you have to follow the proper instructions on when to take them and the correct dosage.

8. Are there side effects to fat burner supplements?

Much of the side effects of fat burner supplements are appetite and metabolism-oriented. This effect aids the process of burning fats and calories in your body. It ultimately results in weight loss. Generally, there aren’t any side effects. Additionally, pregnant and lactating women should avoid taking them without seeing a doctor. Moreover, many fat burner supplements contain caffeine, affecting your sleep pattern.


Fat burner supplements can help you reach your desired physique soon.  Most of the fat burners are natural and safe to use. In this article, you got familiarised with some of the best fat burners in the UK in 2021. These supplements will help you cut down on your appetite and cravings. Additionally, it will boost your metabolism. It will enable your body to burn calories and cut down on body weight.

Different fat-burning supplements use various key ingredients and compounds. Fat burners like the Forskolin 250 and Garcinia Cambogia Extra use plant extracts. PhenQ uses a secret ingredient called α-Lacys Reset. It boosts metabolism while fighting fatigue. They use it to help cut down body fats and achieve weight loss. Additionally, Phen24 has designed two capsules to suit the body’s metabolism requirements. You take one capsule in the daytime, and one for the nighttime.

Although fat burners are a great way to cut body fats and promote fast weight loss, you need to be cautious. There are too many fat burner supplements on the market, and some are sketchy. Thus, it can be confusing and overwhelming to settle on your choice of medicine. 

You can burn calories fast and lose weight by using fat burner supplements. Many people have already used them and attained successful results. Remember that the results vary from person to person. Some might experience immediate effects, while others may take a while to see changes. Additionally, you must complement the fat burner supplements with other active initiatives. If you want the best results, do not skip on your exercise. We hope you can achieve your dream physique soon.