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Deciding on which approach best suits you before embarking on a weight loss programme can be daunting. What to choose? Join a slimming group? Buy the latest diet book? Or follow a plan you read about in a newspaper or magazine? This Weight Wise website cuts through all the hype. It's been written by dietitians who specialise in this field, and are unbiased and independent.

But... there isn't a weight-loss approach to suit everyone. Whichever weight loss plan you decide to follow, you'll find the strategies we suggest in this site will help you achieve your goal of long-term successful weight loss.

If you've tried losing weight in the past but are now struggling , click here to help you get back on track

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Struggling to lose weight?

Struggling to lose weight?
Tried losing weight in the past and slipped back into old habits? You're not alone. Get back on track with our practical solutions.

Find the right approach for you

Find the right approach for you.
Explore weight management options.