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r u ready? The pros and cons: making lifestyle changes

The ultimate goal of any weight control programme is likely to be a slimmer, trimmer you. But how do you get there? The best way to achieve long-term weight loss is by making small changes to your usual eating and activity habits.

There are always benefits and potential downsides to making changes to our day-to-day lives. Only when the benefits to you outweigh the negative aspects, will you feel ready for action.

Benefits: Think about the BENEFITS to you of making lifestyle changes. Examples that others have given are:

  • Getting into my old clothes
  • Having more energy
  • Less out of breath
  • Lower blood pressure

Downside: Now think about the DOWNSIDE of making changes. Other people have said things like:

  • Not being able to eat what I like
  • Eating and drinking less than friends when I'm out
  • The effort of trying to take up more exercise

Making no changes: Finally, think about what happens if you stay as you are, and make no changes. Your thoughts might include:

  • My weight will keep going up
  • My blood pressure will still be high
  • Still have to buy bigger clothes

Download your own 'Pros and Cons' sheet to fill in by clicking below

Download "Pros and Cons Sheet" in PDF Format 'Pros and Cons Sheet' | PDF

Have a look at your list. Do the benefits of change feel more important than the downsides? If so, you are probably ready to change.

How you feel about change may vary, depending on what else is going on in your life, so if you're not ready, it's worth doing this exercise again in the future.