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Developed by the British Dietetic Association.


r u ready? what's next

So far, so good. You know you:

  • Need to lose weight
  • Know why you want to lose weight, and
  • Feel ready to start

To make the most of this site, follow our 5 Steps To Success. We use an approach based on scientific evidence that involves setting realistic goals. These are based on making lifestyle changes that fit into your daily life.

Weight Wise Steps To Success

  1. Set a realistic weight loss target
  2. Decide on an eating plan
    • Making changes to the types and amounts of foods you eat
    • A more structured, 'calorie controlled' approach or
    • Go straight to 'Options for support' and check out links with other weight loss organisations
  3. Set goals for being more active, or do this before choosing dietary options - it's up to you.
  4. Find your 'support team' - people who can help you along the way. Will it be family, friends, health professional, or a combination?
  5. Monitor your progress. Keep a food and activity diary to see how you're doing. Making a note of what you eat and how active you are right at the start can be helpful to see what changes you could make.