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Advice for teenagers and young adults.

Developed by the British Dietetic Association.

Are you a health professional


This weight management site is designed primarily for clients, or members of the public. As a health professional involved in helping people to manage their weight, however, you may find sections of the site useful in the following ways:

  • As background knowledge to help you do your job more effectively
  • As a resource which provides additional information for your clients
  • To download information sheets and tools that you can use with clients

The Weight Wise website was developed by the British Dietetic Association (BDA) with a grant from the Department of Health and continues to be managed by the BDA.

Other Weight Wise resources include a teenage website and leaflets and posters which are available through the comic company (

Down-loadable resources available on this and our teenage website are copyright of the British Dietetic Association but may be used for not-for-profit educational purposes.