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keeping going when things go wrong

Despite your best efforts to keep on track, it's quite normal to have times when you have a 'slip-up', and are tempted back to less healthy ways of eating. When this happens:

  • stay positive.
  • identify what caused in the lapse.
  • think about what to do differently next time, to prevent the same happening again.
  • move on.

For more help dealing with set backs, click on 'Struggling to lose weight.' in 'Options for support'.

Staying positive

Having a positive approach will help you to put this temporary lapse behind you, and move on:

"Eating one chocolate bar doesn't mean I've blown it. I'm in control and am back on track."

On the other hand, negative self-talk is likely to mean a lapse will end up being a relapse:

"I've just eaten all that chocolate and blown all my good intentions. I might as well forget the diet and have another bar."

Identifying triggers

Sometines the temptation to overeat or miss an exercise session is high - that reasons that people mention most include:

  • Negative feelings, such as anger, anxiety, boredom.
  • Social pressure to eat (from friends, family, work mates).
  • Attending social functions (family celebrations; parties; meals out with friends).
  • Cravings for certain favourite foods, such as chocolat.e

Doing things differently

Remember it's normal to have slip-ups so don't blame yourself. Think about what lead up to the lapse and what you could do differently to avoid this happening again the next time round.

For example:

Do you tend to eat in the evenings when you're feeling bored?

Think about possible solutions or options:

  • Could you fill some evenings with a new hobby? Or read a book or magazine; relax in the bath; make a phone call; do the ironing?
  • What about keeping your fridge and cupboards well stocked with healthy, low calorie snacks (see 'Eating Well' for ideas)?
  • If you really crave chocolate so much - then buy a small bar. A children's fun-size bar is half the calories of the adult version, and a quarter of the calories of the extra large bars available.
  • Avoid eating in a 'roundabout' way, choosing several other snacks to offset your cravings, before finally giving in and eating the snack you were trying to avoid in the first place. This really pushes the calories u.p
  • You could choose not to buy high calorie snack foods, i.e. limit temptations!

Decide which one or ones would work best for you, and put your plan into action! Remember: think positively - you can do it.

If you keep coming up with reasons not to continue with your goals, or you can't find workable solutions, maybe it's time to re-think about how motivated you are to lose weight? Click on 'RU Ready?' to work through your reasons for wanting to lose weight.